Syron Group Services

We assist manufacturers enter new regions and markets profitably.

International Strategy, Management, Marketing, Promotions, Distribution and Sales Channels


Our experienced business development specialists are the ones to guide you through these steps and do most of the work for you, always in close collaboration with your staff. We want to make sure your market entry is successful, which means for us that revenue is coming in and you can expect a profit.


In which country would your product or service be a success? How you would need to position it, and with whom? These insights cannot be derived from statistics or the internet. We can do a market quick scan with your product or service for a limited engagement.


What are your own company's strengths, which countries/markets are you looking at? Which type of export approach is best suited to the goals of your company? And how do you ensure that your efforts will lead to the right financial result?


How do you arrange meetings with potential clients, and how do you share the costs and the returns? How do you deal with risks, and how to register a joint concept? How do you arrange ownership and control? What about IP licensing and compliance?

The Syron Group understands that you need to make sure the partner you've chosen, can deliver a meaningful long term return on investment and doesn't lock you into lengthy contracts or unnecessary exclusive distribution deals. Syron's adaptable charging models are flexible but there are some costs associated with setting this up and will depend on the agreement negotiated.

The Syron Group is able to create a marketing and promotional campaign with the purpose of lead generation. The Syron Group:

  • Is a member or affiliated with several industry associations from around the world and if your product is one of the best, we would be more than happy to represent your products or your brand.
  • Is able to provide a team to attend regional events and exhibitions and we have the talent to deliver everything from concept to completion.
  • Has done numerous international marketing and promotional campaigns and was engaged by Telstra to provide web broadcasting facilities for Telstra Corp during the construction of the first T-Life Store in Melbourne in 2008.
  • Has a large network of printers located around the globe and is able to design and produce a large variety of print media, packaging, product stands and other materials.
  • Uses many media to promote brands or products, though the expert use of SEO, Social Media, Website and Content.
  • Uses social media platforms just like every other marketing firm and has local and regional experts to assist.

Why engage a manufacturer's sales representative or an exclusive distributor when the Syron Group can provide, maintain and execute all that is required, to take your product from your factory to stores around the world.

Distributors can have 1000's of products within their full product scope, whereas the Syron Group has a limited number of manufacturers products available for release, this is to ensure the products we are promoting are the best and so we can have the best people working with you.

Immediate sales into a region can be great but without the continual support, encouragement and brand promotion to coincide with the distributors marketing strategy, this could ultimately mean your products are sitting on a shelf and gathering dust. The Syron Group is able to find distributors for immediate purchases and the Syron Group is able to support the Distributors with merchandising services which include regional marketing, online and in-store promotions, sales and technical support. Other facilities and capabilities the Syron Group can provide include:

  • Is able to create a marketing and promotional campaign with the purpose of lead generation.
  • Is able to offer solutions for advertising, sales promotion, events and experiences, interactive marketing, social media, direct marketing and creative services.
  • Is able to deliver a range of storage solutions including secure and shed storage through to secured warehouses and open yard storage.
  • Is able to change your product packaging for an exclusive distributor or exclusive market? Syron Group can quickly and easily alter product packaging to target a specific region or market.
  • Has a large network of printers located around the globe and is able to design and produce a large variety of print media and packaging stands and other print materials.
  • Is capable of designing and creating a specific website with SEO and promotions for the region. This site can encompass customised SEO, Online Shop and splash pages for additional online marketing.

Stock control is an important part of business, knowing when stores will run out of stock can be a simple question for a merchandiser to ask, when they visit one of your client's stores. Face to face contact is still the best method of communication with clients, distributors and advertisers. We are able to drop into stores to see how we can work with the stores and improve sales and see what other incentives are available to help increase volumes. The Syron Group is capable of providing service from our facilities for Manufacturers, these include but aren't limited to: